Evening with Grandson

We had the most excellent time with 25 year old grandson Mikey last night. We had planned a burger dinner that he was going to make us, of which he does a great job. However he decided to get us carry out steak dinners. I had a tenderloin medium rare with fries and a house salad. It was so good and melted in my mouth. Kay had her usual well done sirloin with broccoli and enjoyed it very much.

Then we played a family favorite game Farkle. Which is a six dice game based on chance, no skill needed but a blast to play. We played three games and people were clapping and yelling at the shear joy of chance. It was so fun just to laugh out loud and enjoy each other.

It was so fun to laugh and it became infectious as we played. It has been such a long time. Find time to laugh loudly!

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Trying to be consistent

With the remodeling still going on, it’s hard to be consistent about anything, besides eating, sleeping and being depressed that I work too slow. It’s hard to get up and down. from the floor without running out of air.

Flooring is 7/16ths of premium laminate spiced oak. Harder to put down than I thought but beautiful one a complete room is done.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I Grew Up on Misery

I grew up on misery,

And learned the art of solitude,

Make no noise and received no promises,

Because they were few.

But the grief I carry, in my gut 

Has built a tapestry of shame.

I’m from the woods of the North Platte,

I’m from Paradise Valley

I’m from the golf course of despair 

(following could be an old fashioned blues rant)

I ain’t got lawn of green

Nor a tree standing straight 

Not a daddy I could count on

Not a simple faith to grow

Not from them but I learned

How to love from my enduring best friend,

My life’s partner.

It’s been forty six years since

Those mistakes they made

Sing the Blues

Sing the Blues 

Cause there’s no other way to make it rhyme.

Sing the Blues