In the heat

In the heat of a warm day on the front range in Colorado. Don’t usually think of Colorado being near or at above 100 degrees F. But the air is dry and there is a breeze coming from somewhere. The trees in from of me crackle and then quits for a while. As I walk through the browning grass, I was suddenly remembering those around me who have died.

I thought of my life time friend Jeff Sevren who passed away early in December in 2020. We have so many stories to tell of our mischievous early lives on Wolf Creek. It was country then at the base of Casper Mountain in the 60’s. I couldn’t drive then because I was not yet 16, nor did I have a car. The cabin looking house buried in sagebrush and small trees was 1/2 mile or less down that same winding dusty road down to Jeff’s house. This mysterious dwelling was rumored to be a whore house in the day. The owners last name was the Murray’s who had an adult daughter. I never saw anyone from there or even drive up the road and wave hello. More than once we snuck down there to see if we could a look in windows. No such luck but it was fun just trying. We found a semi rotting sheep heading wagon there. It had a stove and a tearing canvas

It became a modern fort for us until it rained or snowed. But it was fun and adventurous post Boy Scout training.

Author: Keith Basil Broadbent

Born and raised in Wyoming but residing in Colorado. But a long road to get back to the mountains. My family moved me from a well-established home environment to finish my last two years in high school in Ft. Collins, Co. I loved Colorado with mountains close by and warmer weather here. I hated leaving Casper and all of my friends there. However, I barely graduated and was uninspired. I was in survival mode until I got free from my family enraged in drama until I met my wife Kay in school in Houston, Tx, in 1972. Kay is the best thing that ever happened to me!

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