Trying to be consistent

With the remodeling still going on, it’s hard to be consistent about anything, besides eating, sleeping and being depressed that I work too slow. It’s hard to get up and down. from the floor without running out of air.

Flooring is 7/16ths of premium laminate spiced oak. Harder to put down than I thought but beautiful one a complete room is done.

Photo by Pixabay on

Author: Keith Basil Broadbent

Born and raised in Wyoming but residing in Colorado. But a long road to get back to the mountains. My family moved me from a well-established home environment to finish my last two years in high school in Ft. Collins, Co. I loved Colorado with mountains close by and warmer weather here. I hated leaving Casper and all of my friends there. However, I barely graduated and was uninspired. I was in survival mode until I got free from my family enraged in drama until I met my wife Kay in school in Houston, Tx, in 1972. Kay is the best thing that ever happened to me!

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