Evening with Grandson

We had the most excellent time with 25 year old grandson Mikey last night. We had planned a burger dinner that he was going to make us, of which he does a great job. However he decided to get us carry out steak dinners. I had a tenderloin medium rare with fries and a house salad. It was so good and melted in my mouth. Kay had her usual well done sirloin with broccoli and enjoyed it very much.

Then we played a family favorite game Farkle. Which is a six dice game based on chance, no skill needed but a blast to play. We played three games and people were clapping and yelling at the shear joy of chance. It was so fun just to laugh out loud and enjoy each other.

It was so fun to laugh and it became infectious as we played. It has been such a long time. Find time to laugh loudly!

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Author: Keith Basil Broadbent

Born and raised in Wyoming but residing in Colorado. But a long road to get back to the mountains. My family moved me from a well-established home environment to finish my last two years in high school in Ft. Collins, Co. I loved Colorado with mountains close by and warmer weather here. I hated leaving Casper and all of my friends there. However, I barely graduated and was uninspired. I was in survival mode until I got free from my family enraged in drama until I met my wife Kay in school in Houston, Tx, in 1972. Kay is the best thing that ever happened to me!

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